North American Youth Congress 2015


I experienced a life changing event this summer and I'd like to tell you about it.

I had never been to Oklahoma City. It's HOT. It's hip. It's home of NAYC 2015.

      Last February, Registration opened for an event that wasn't happening until August 2015.. and it sold out 18,000 spots in less than 24 hours. I knew then that this event was going to be different. 6 months later, 22,000 students, millennials, and leaders came together for what I recount as one of the greatest experiences of my life. 

God did something special at this event. He changed it from a simple gathering into a mighty movement with Jesus at the center, and I am so glad that I was a part and experienced it for myself. I saw the mantle passed to this next generation, and despite the world's disappointment in it's youth, these students are rising up with cause and determination to spread the gospel and His goodness. I am inspired by what I saw, by what I heard and what I see the Lord doing in His people.