Washingtonians eat outside.

There's a place in central Washington where the Mountains are high, the streets are narrow, the snow falls softly, and the people are as delicious as spiced apple cider.  Spend a weekend in Cashmere, and you will come away feeling refreshed, loved, and looking for a parka to purchase on the internet. 

I had the priviledge of spending time with the youth of The Underground and YES, they ARE as cool as they sound. We hung out in the most magical place you can be at Christmas time: Leavenworth on Lighting Weekend. I geeked out BIG TIME- walking around watching kids sled down hills of snow, gawking at all of the Christmas lights,  eating bratwurst and socializing around fire tables because in the wintertime, Washingtonians eat OUTSIDE. They're like- "yea. it's 25 degrees, yea. It's dark. yea. We rock like this." To my surprise, I really enjoyed this Man vs. Nature adventure and would do it again in a heartbeat! (with the biggest parka known to man and 4 pairs of gloves of course) 

What I love about The Underground is their willingness to serve and stand out in their community and church. We had a great time singing worship and Christmas songs at a local bookstore and I could see faces brighten and hearts lighten as they listened and watched these young people sing to the Lord! Then at the big Underground Christmas Party, I saw kids having a blast but more importantly, I saw them making other kids who were visiting feel comfortable and welcome. This blessed me- and OH how much fun we had rocking out to Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and Jingle Bell Rock. Too much fun. 

I cannot WAIT to return to the Apple State and the Mayberry town I love and call Cashmere.